मालक आणि शोधक यांच्याशी संपर्क करण्यासाठी सदस्य प्रवेश जर तुमच्याकडे खाते नसेल तरइथे क्लिक करा.

Bird missing from Sydney हरवले

2 months ago पाळीव प्राणी Sydney   46 views

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Location: Sydney
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If anybody in or around Sydney knows of anyone who has a Indian ringneck like this pls pm me it’ll be worth your while trust me I lost Chilli on July the 4th this year he talks a lot of words like hello / Peeka boo / what are we doing : where’s bobby and more . he is my life and I am his we need each other how you wouldn’t believe . He was last seen in allambie heights on 21st of July I only believe someone has him and has takin a liking to him All he would want even though whoever might think he’s Happy well that’s just natural if you have food but deep inside when he’s asleep resting

Additional Details

लिंग Male
वय 1-17
हरवलेले व सापडलेले शेवटचे स्थान Sydney
नाव Chilli