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Lost my cat Rumi இழந்தது

1 மாதம் முன்பு பிராணி Bengaluru   84 views

5,000 ₹

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இடம்: Bengaluru
Extra Reward: 5,000 ₹ பணம்

My 3 year old cat RUMI is missing since Thursday March 11th, 2021. He is caramel white with a big fluffy tail. He went out of our house, 23 Vaswani Whispering Palms, Marathahalli, Bangalore at 6AM and did not come back.

He is neutered male cat and had been living with us here for almost 2 years. He is an outdoor indoor cat and frequently crosses our boundary wall to enter the neighbouring apartment Divyasree 77 Place and comes back in few hours. He is curious and adventurous, climbs trees and roams around. He is very friendly to humans but he avoids contact when outside. We have been searching for 10 days. If you find him, please reach out to me at my phone number 9900597530

கூடுதல் விவரங்கள்

பாலினம் Male
வயது 1-17
இழந்தத & கண்டடெடுத்த கடைசி இடம் 23 Vaswani Whispering Palms, Marathahalli outer ring road, near SBR Palace on Tulsi Theatre road, Bangalore
நிறம் Caramel and white, with big fluffy tail
பெயர் Rumi


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