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Our Cockatail Bird fly away and lost இழந்தது

10 மாதங்களுக்கு முன்பு பிராணி Pune   610 views

5,000 ₹

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இடம்: Pune
Extra Reward: 5,000 ₹ பணம்

Our pet मिठू (Cokatail Parrot) flied away in this afternoon. Please let us know if someone finds it. It is one year old so cant fly much. Will be rewarded with *INR 5,000* if received. Thanks *Miss Gargi Ranjeet Mohite-Patil* Yashwin Anand, A402, Sus-Baner, Mobile 9970283248

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இழந்தத & கண்டடெடுத்த கடைசி இடம் Yashwin Anand, Sus-Baner, behind mercedez benz showroom
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