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Our street dog is missing!!!! இழந்தது

6 மாதங்களுக்கு முன்பு பிராணி Mumbai   436 views
இடம்: Mumbai
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Our dog is missing since 23/03/23. He is a male white Indian breed dog with orange patches near his eyes his tail is curly at the end. His name is Monty. He is a street dog lives with a family on streets.he also has a black small patch on his back . Please help us find him

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பாலினம் Male
வயது 1-17
இழந்தத & கண்டடெடுத்த கடைசி இடம் He was last seen on 23/03/23 on Lamington Road near industrial bank.
நிறம் White with orange and brownish patch near his eyes and a black patch on his back
பெயர் Monty