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Wallet Lost in Yerevan near Republic Square இழந்தது

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-- AMD

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இடம்: Yerevan
Extra Reward: -- AMD பணம்

Black leather wallet lost in Yerevan near Republic Square containing French national Identity Card, French driving licence, UAE ID and driving licence all in my name, old photos, Money in Dirhams, Euros,and Britich pounds plus a few sims, sim adaptors and pins to open sim ompartment. Also old Tzar-period rouble banknotes.

If found please deliver to the French embassy in Yerevan. I live in Dubai. The French Embassy in Yerevan will send it to the French Consulate General in Dubai.

Thank you so much for your help.

Roger Sukrieh

Dubai. Mobile +971505243927

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இழந்தத & கண்டடெடுத்த கடைசி இடம் Exchange office, Amiryan street