Global Search Engine – Lost and Found Networks : How It works

Global Search Engine – Lost and Found Networks How It works

lost or found network to find online report your lost item

Lost and found networks are the global search engine that helps find missing people, missing pets, and other stuff. It allows people to report a lost or found item nearby. Lost and found networks provide the most convenient way to sharing information about lost and found items through its mobile application. Additionally, one can report found items nearby and lost items nearby in the unique platform of the global search engine. To claim the found item nearby/report a lost item nearby follow the three given steps from the website or from the lost and found mobile app.

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How Lost and found networks work?

  • Register
  • Confirm the registration
  • Start reporting


First step to report a lost or found item is registration. If you have registered already, you can use the same account. Otherwise, you will need to register with your details for getting access of the global search engine.

Confirm the registration

In order to complete the registration, the verification link will be sent to the given email address while register.

Start reporting

Once the registration steps have completed, one can start creating the free ads to report a found item nearby or to claim the found item or hand over it to the rightful owner. Lost and found networks are the large community where everybody can potentially take action in searching for what you have lost/found. These steps are the same even if you report it on the lost and found the mobile app.

Instructions to create an ad

Consider the given instructions before creating an ad from the website or a lost and found mobile app.

  1. Choose the relevant category, subcategory, and type
  2. Give a clear description with additional details of the lost/found thing
  3. Enter the exact location of where you lost/found
  4. If applicable, mention the serial number, document number, etc
  5. Add extra reward, if you want to give a reward to the found reporter
  6. Choose the right city
  7. Use the keyword(Tag) properly and upload an image for visibility

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