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My Persian Cat Louie has been untraceable for a few years Lost

3 years ago Pets Ahmedabad   1.8K views

1,000 ₹

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Location: Ahmedabad
Extra Reward: 1,000 ₹ Cash

My beloved cat Louie, a Persian, around 5 years old, orange and white in color, is missing.

My family gave him to a Pet store in Bharuch for sometime so that they could take care of him because of a family problem. But that pet store owner gave it to some family (so he said) in Ahmedabad without our permission. Maybe even sold him.

Now he won't tell us to whom he gave Louie to.

We have no way of knowing.

Please, if anyone has seen him, let me know.

Even after three years, there's not a day when I don't think about him. He was everything to me. I just need to know that he's doing okay, and maybe get a chance to see him and take him home, if it's possible.Text

Additional Details

Sex Male
Age 1-17
Last location of Lost & Found Bharuch
Color Orange and White
Name Louie